8 Unique Features of Virtual Tours to Make Your Hospital Stand Out Among The Others

We’re starting to move past the point where virtual tours are just a cool new tactic to promote a hospital or campus. Almost every hospital facility now has its own version of a virtual experience that supplements the actual on-site visit.

Technology has quickly evolved over the last few years (doesn’t it always?), as have the potential opportunities that come with implementing a modern virtual tour on your website. It’s no longer about simply having a tour available on your website. It’s about featuring a tour that’s specifically designed to meet and exceed audience expectations while keeping visitors on your site, and eventually coming through your doors.

In this blog, we will be exploring some amazing features of the virtual tours of the 2020s that will make your hospital stand out the most.

1. Presenter videos

It basically presents the video by integrating into the website CMS. It presents video in the form of a 360-degree environment.

A video can introduce context and content to a scene, it adds personality and enriches the entire experience.

2. Customized virtual tours

Virtual tour experiences can now be customized to each type of visitor. For example, recruitment virtual tour experiences can show a general virtual tour of the hospital along with a more detailed set of 360s for the specific area the doctor being recruited will work in. Expecting mothers can view a virtual tour experience that shows them the entrance they need to use, and the various areas related to prenatal care and postnatal care.

3. Conduct 360 live tour

With the support of a 360-degree view, you can conduct a live tour and prospects will be able to explore what’s happening at that moment, with you guiding them.

4. Content Management System

A Content Management System (CMS) helps you in managing the content of your virtual tour. It allows you to edit, manage, and change content as per requirement.

It allows you to add unlimited photo galleries, videos, and more from any web browser which means you can keep your tour content relevant, seasonal, and up to date. With the help of these tools, you can update your virtual tour by yourself, reduce ongoing costs and ensure your tour achieves its potential.

5. Micro Tours

With this feature, you can extract individual scenes from the main tour and use them as marketing content to attract prospects.

This unique feature will ensure maximum impact overall.

6. “Virtual Tour Managers”

Modern virtual tours help you in assigning new members who can also operate the virtual tour on your behalf. Managing the virtual tour of the whole hospital does not need to be the task of one individual. This feature makes it easier to give control of the system to anyone.

7. Invite others to watch

When your family members stay far, this feature allows you to just invite them and watch the virtual tour together. 

8. Interaction Accessibility

With the help of this feature, you allow prospects to interact with a virtual tour at that moment. Interaction gives them the power of control and with that, they are included to learn more, and eventually walk through your doors.

These are some of the amazing features of modern virtual tours that can make your hospital stand out among the rest.

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