We have been blogging about the details of virtual tours for a while now, and have given you a great deal of information to get to know us and what it is we do. Have you been paying attention? We’d like to find out, by challenging you to a quiz on some of the details about our interactive marketing tools.


Q1. True or false – Virtual Healthcare Tours make word-of-mouth marketing obsolete.

Q2. True or false – Panoramic photos give clients a 360⁰ view.

Q3. True or false – Virtual Healthcare Tours are the ideal marketing resource for insurance companies.


A1. FALSE – A virtual tour is a very effective conversation starter. If current patrons or patients recommend your practice or facility to a friend, they can view your Virtual Healthcare Tour without even having to set up an appointment. So if this conversation is happening during a Sunday dinner amongst family and friends, they won’t have to wait until business hours to arrange a tour as long as they have a computer nearby.

A2. TRUE – Panoramic photography indeed allows your prospective clients a 360⁰ view of the outside and inside of your dental office, medical building, or residential healthcare facility. Having the option to get a multi-angled view that’s close to actually being in the building is a huge advantage to the elderly or injured. For these potential patients, getting around for visits to numerous facilities may not be a prudent option. Giving infirmed people the opportunity to look inside your facility can provide you with the edge over competitors that haven’t embraced this technology.

A3. FALSE – Typical Virtual Healthcare Tours are dental offices, medical offices, medical spas, hospitals, nursing homes, adult day cares, and assisted living facilities. If you represent a facility other than those just mentioned, feel free to still contact us with questions. We may be able to help, or point you in the right direction.

Interested in Virtual Healthcare Tours?

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