What Is Medical Virtual Reality—And Why Is It So Important?

Medical virtual reality might sound like science fiction, but it’s already helping hospitals provide better care and improve patient experiences.

Mutual Benefits of Virtual Healthcare Tours

What was the last website you went to? Well, you’re here reading our blog, so virtual tours must be of some interest to you. If you are a business looking to ramp up your marketing efforts, virtual tours are the way to go. No other method of web design offers the polish and interaction that a virtual tour does. We cater to healthcare facilities, adult daycares, nursing homes, and medical offices of all kinds. Read on to learn about how your prospective patients can find your facility through a Virtual Healthcare Tour.

What They’ll Love about You

Let us create the ideal tour for you, and you’ll be amazed at the response. There are many patients out there, and many facilities. What will make yours unique? Providing a virtual healthcare tour will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. When a patient or client is faced with two competing facilities, often the basic features, benefits, and amenities are fairly similar. Who would have the edge in your mind? The facility that they have to call, make an appointment, and drive to in order to see what they have to offer? Or the facility they can take an immediate tour of right from their laptop Read More — Mutual Benefits of Virtual Healthcare Tours

A Quiz on Aerial Photography in Virtual Healthcare Tours

If you have ever seen a virtual tour for any type of business, you may wonder how they achieved photography from such a high elevation. Aerial photography is a great enhancement to a Virtual Healthcare Tour. We have written about this element in previous blogs, and today we would like to challenge you to a quiz on the topic.


Q1. True or false – The definition of aerial photography is pictures taken by an acrobat in mid-air.

Q2. True or false – Aerial photography is another name for panoramic photography.

Q3. True of false – A virtual tour includes music to make the experience more interactive and pleasant to the person visiting your website. Read More — A Quiz on Aerial Photography in Virtual Healthcare Tours