An Overview of Virtual Healthcare Tours

At Virtual Healthcare Tours, we strive to provide our clients with a thorough understanding of what we have to offer. The basic concepts of a virtual marketing campaign involve three dimensional opportunities for people to feel like they’re literally going inside your building while they surf the web. Today, we’ll talk about two important components of bringing a Virtual Healthcare Tour to life: panoramic photography and interactive marketing.

Pictures that Go the Distance

Traditional photographs and video on a web site are taken to the next level with a virtual tour. A panoramic view means that your prospective clients will have access to a 360⁰ view of the outside and inside of your medical, dental, or residential healthcare facility. What sets virtual tours apart from a physical tour is that the client or patient can view all of the things you have to offer from the comfort of their own home. In cases of elderly or injured patients, where getting around to visit numerous facilities may not be an option (let alone pleasant) this opportunity to look inside the full scope of your facility can very well give you the edge over competitors.

Interactive Opportunities Read More — An Overview of Virtual Healthcare Tours

Panoramic Photography for Creating Virtual Healthcare Tours

Screen Shot 2012-10-09 at 11.55.56 AMThere are several elements that go into a Virtual Healthcare Tour. The goal is to make sure that you have a web presence that stands out from the crowd. Providing people that are new to your facility with the ability to go inside the building when they’re sitting on their sofa with their laptop is a huge marketing benefit. How do we do it? Panoramic photography is one of the biggest elements.

What is Panoramic Photography?

Panoramic photography is a technique that utilizes specialized equipment (or sometimes software) to capture images with an extended point of view. Also known as wide format photography, when an image shows a field of view that approximates the field of vision of the human eye, it can be considered panoramic. This is convenient when taking a picture of a large group of people, a sweeping landscape, or a big building. Thus, panoramic photography is an important element of a virtual tour. In order to provide a realistic three dimensional representation of your facility, we rely on panoramic photography so that your prospective patients and clients can see on their computer the same thing they would be seeing if they toured your facility in person. Read More — Panoramic Photography for Creating Virtual Healthcare Tours