Google Maps Virtual Tour

One of the best ways to market a successful business is through Google Street View, a platform that allows businesses to create a fully-immersive Google maps virtual tour. By allowing users to take a virtual tour, you’re able to show them everything about your business that makes it unique, better, or more efficient than your competitors.

At VirtualTECH Design, our team works with healthcare facilities to produce a very similar concept with the same intention; to show your potential patients the best parts about your services and care. Think of these platforms as a google virtual map of your facility, a walkthrough that gives users a chance to experience your healthcare center from the comfort of their own living room.

And these tours provide much more than convenience! For a typical business, giving potential customers a Google 360 virtual tour allows for a unique tool that gives your business 24/7, 365-day visibility. Closed for a holiday or the weekend? Interested patients can still see your location, products, and services, firsthand.

But why would a medical facility need this?

Healthcare Virtual Reality Tours Online

Research has indicated that many potential patients feel apprehensive or nervous when looking for a new healthcare facility. Whether you’re a dental office, nursing home, or hospital, patients oftentimes have no idea what to expect when walking through the front doors.

Well, our goal is to eliminate that feeling in potential patients by giving them the tools necessary to familiarize themselves with your center. Very similar to the virtual tour google provides businesses, we give our clients a fully-interactive tour highlighting everything from waiting rooms and patient rooms to hallways and wings.

Get Your Tour Now!

Contact us now and we’ll get started on creating your perfect virtual tour! Similar to a google earth virtual tour and the Google street view tools, we’ll send photographers to your location. They’ll snap photos of everything you want included, before stitching them together to create a fully-interactive, immersive tour of your facility.

Show potential patients they have nothing to worry about!