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VirtualTECH Design isn’t just a healthcare marketing firm, it’s an innovative solution to the problem that thousands of prospective medical patients suffer from the fearful and anxious atmosphere that often haunts healthcare facilities.

What We Are

A national virtual tour company with two headquarters spanning across the country, VirtualTECH Design is a facility video production company that works with the best names in healthcare to provide interactive, virtual tours of places like nursing homes, hospitals, and even schools.

We have two offices located in New York and Arizona to make it easier to provide virtual walkthrough software to businesses and facilities that can benefit from walkthrough tours.

What We Offer

A leading provider of virtual reality tour software, VirtualTECH Design masterfully blends the power of a camera lens and world-class website building to create the ultimate 360-degree virtual tour of any given location. Our specialists will photograph every room and every hallway from every angle before assembling them into a tour that’s not only informative but also fun.

Why We Do It

Going to a hospital is rarely a fun occasion. The bright fluorescent lights and sterile-looking hallways can strike fear into the hearts of many. That’s why hospital virtual tours are the best way to showcase your facility. Our experts go in and stage your clinic similar to how realtors stage homes for sale, highlighting all the best amenities and beautifying it for prospective buyers (in this case, patients).

By sprucing up your facility, you’re not only bringing your business into the 21st century, but you’re also creating the potential for thousands of new patients to flock to you. A virtual tour brings the facility to the patient, enticing them with interactive, clickable features that explain in detail how your practice operates and what patients can expect. Instead of relying on locals to stay afloat, our virtual tours let people see inside your clinic from every corner of the nation.

Virtual reality in nursing homes is also a big part of what we do. By creating beautiful walkthroughs of nursing homes, VirtualTECH’s software allows bedridden patients or people seeking to travel for care to fully immerse themselves in your program without ever having to leave the comfort and safety of their homes.

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