For quite a while now, a huge topic on many people’s minds has been the Affordable Healthcare Act, and healthcare reform. In just about a year or so millions of words have been written and spoken about it. Everyone from doctors, to political figures, to average, every-day-people have weighed in; posting Twitter tweets and Facebook statuses galore, voicing a seemingly limitless array of feelings and concerns both for and against.

A side-effect of this is that many healthcare providers, across the whole spectrum of service, have curtailed or even halted many of their marketing initiatives; adopting a ‘wait and see’ posture to watch things play out. This seems, at first, like a logical stance to take since this issue has generated some waves that may take some time to settle. However, there is compelling reason for all in the healthcare fields to look at Healthcare Reform as opening up a great opportunity, and this time – right now – as the perfect time to amp up their marketing! Why?

In the past, many people did not have health insurance of any kind. For a variety of reasons they opted to avoid coverage and (try to) stay as healthy as they could. A byproduct of this was that these folks did not consider many of the other ancillary aspects of healthcare. For them, the whole thing was an “elephant in the room” that both they and their immediate family members avoided. As it stands now, many (if not all) of these same people have procured some method, manner, or fashion of healthcare insurance; and are now thinking along the lines of what it might offer for both immediate, and future needs. And not just in terms of hospital stays, but in every aspect of their lives. In other words, a whole new world has been opened up to them. How does this affect healthcare marketing?

Since there are now more people out there ‘shopping around’ for healthcare related needs, it seems reasonable to postulate that providers now stand poised to reach an even bigger pool of people than ever before. Making a favorable impression on them should be a very important goal. Now is the time for those in healthcare to market their services as much as possible! And a fully immersive, online Virtual Tour of a medical, acute/sub-acute rehab, or long term care facility (including nursing homes) will make an ever greater impact than just words on a screen or still images alone. Especially is this true with these new clients-to-be, who are generally acclimated to getting things, including healthcare, from the Internet. After all, a mouse click has brought them this new status. So rather than holding back from marketing to the audience-at-large, it pays to realize that this audience is now even larger; and the Internet is their “second home.” Giving them something memorable to see and important to think about will only yield positive results as things move forward.

We are living in exciting times where the formerly ‘futuristic’ construct of technological connectivity is now a time tested tool that people use every day. If you are in the business of helping people, you need them… and they need you. Now that they are more at ease after having acquired insurance coverage, it’s the perfect time for a Virtual Healthcare Tour to help you to show them why they should want to come through your doors! Healthcare providers have many, many new clients waiting for them. And this was all made possible because of the new healthcare laws. So it seems that Healthcare Reform is now your new best friend. Let us show you just how good a friend it can be!