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If you’re wondering how to create virtual tours for your healthcare business that will attract potential clientele, then you need to look no further than VirtualTECH Design: New York’s finest virtual tour, video production services, and healthcare marketing company.

So, what is virtual reality used for and what is a virtual tour? Virtual reality isn’t just limited to Oculus Rift gaming headsets. VR can be used in the tourism industry, expos and conventions, commercial office tours, and even Google Street View tours. A virtual tour is a 360-degree walkthrough of a facility such as a hospital, nursing home, or assisted living community which provides informational tidbits via voice-over and mouse-over interactions. By photographing every angle of each room and each corridor, we assemble a fully-immersive expedition of your healthcare business.

Helping You To Help Yourself

Virtual reality in nursing homes and other facilities in the healthcare industry allows patients who are unable to visit in person to make an educated decision on whether or not they would like to receive services there. It also allows potential patients with phobias of going to the doctor’s office to see what your location is like, reducing fear and anxiety by letting them explore your hallways from the comfort and safety of their own homes. By opening your business to the virtual world, you’re giving potential patients the power to take an up-close sneak peek of what goes on behind your doors. This eliminates any psychological distress or discomfort and allows people to remain open-minded.

An assisted living or nursing home tour is an extraordinary marketing tool. Our experts here at VirtualTECH Design will go into your facility and stage it to highlight all the best social amenities and to brighten up the atmosphere, similar to the way a realtor stages a home for sale. Creating a picture-perfect environment ensures that potential residents and their loved ones will be attracted to your facility. Our professional photographers will then capture your entire facility on camera, which we then compile into an explorable, digital expedition. We then add interactive features that provide additional information about things like living quarters and appliances, social opportunities, and other programs.

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