Medical Website Design and Development

Medical website design is incredibly important for maintaining a strong digital presence. A well-crafted website gives your patients a chance to understand, interact, and experience your facility before they even receive medical care.


At VirtualTECH Design, our web developers apply professional healthcare website design for either your current site or a completely new site that we’ll build you from scratch.   


Our medical website development team crafts sites with an emphasis on establishing a strong presence and transparent credibility. By harnessing creative approaches, we start by developing

flexible and fluid site structures that are appealing to your target audience, and easy to operate.


The next phase begins with our developers producing preliminary designs based on your original concept. You’ll choose your preferred design and our specialists will continually refine the concept until you get exactly what you want.


Once they’ve achieved your vision, our developers begin drafting and applying long-term infrastructure. This technical framework will ensure that your site will be search-engine friendly so it won’t require any renovation work should you require search engine optimization services in the future.   

Our ultimate goal is to develop your website in a way that showcases your brand across every page and solidifies your web identity as a qualified healthcare provider.

medical website design


ADA Website Compliance     


Aside from fortifying your site with professional healthcare web development, getting your website ADA compliant is also a great way to show potential patients that you truly care for their disabilities and disadvantages.


ADA compliance refers to the level of accessibility your website provides for disabled Americans. Since many patients may have other disabilities, as a healthcare provider you can greatly benefit from having a site that meets the conformance requirements for ADA’s most recently published guidelines, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG).


WCAG is divided into a number of guidelines that fall under the jurisdiction of 4 principles:


  1. Perceivable: content is available to the senses of sight, hearing, and touch
  2. Operable: interface controls and navigation are easy to use and operable
  3. Understandable: content and interface is comprehensible
  4. Robust: the site will work in all environments


These principles then conform under one of WCAG’s three levels: A, AA, or AAA. Each level increases the levels of accessibility for disabled Americans, but become more demanding as well.

Make Your Website ADA Compliant


When seeking ADA web compliance, our first step is to audit your website. By examining your pages, code, and current level of accessibility, we’ll be able to determine areas for improvement.


Oftentimes, ADA compliance falls short with faulty or absent alternative text for images, low-resolution or hard-to-read color palettes, and lack of clear, distinct links and buttons. Our developers will parse each page of your website, making sure that the correct tags, labels, and HTML formats are applied.


Lastly, we test and run everything before applying final changes. Once we’ve determined your site is fully ADA compliant, we’ll get it operational.


Get Started

When you give users a hospital website design that’s also congruent with the needs of the disabled, you’re able to reach more patients with a wider set of medical needs. If you need healthcare web design, ADA compliance, or virtual tours, then contact us today and we’ll set up a meeting with our specialists to start brainstorming your site.