Virtual Tours of Nursing Homes

Successful marketing for nursing homes and Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) offers a unique challenge.  Nursing homes have to appeal to two groups of people: potential residents and their caregivers or family members. New residents want to know that their physical, emotional, and social needs will be attended to with respect and compassion. Caregivers and family members want to know their loved ones will receive the very best medical care and attention. Above all, both groups want to know that the facility operates in an open, friendly, and informative manner.

How Can a Virtual Tour Help Your Nursing Home?

Virtual Tours of Nursing Homes
NYC Taxi Cab in a virtual tour of an Occupational Therapy room at an SNF in NYC.

A 360° online virtual tour will help attract new residents to your nursing home by promoting the very best features your facility has to offer:

  • Our professional photographers will take full, panoramic pictures for your virtual tour that highlight a modern, comfortable, and clean facility as well as a happy, attentive staff.
  • Our talented staging consultants can dress and arrange areas in your nursing home to showcase the social amenities your nursing home offers.

Moreover, an interactive virtual tour which potential residents and their families can access from home suggests whether your facility is committed to transparency. This essential component of your marketing strategy is necessary to make families to feel comfortable about choosing your nursing home.

We encourage you to browse our nursing home virtual tour portfolio. Please contact us if you have any further questions about virtual tours.