Many of the approximately 80 million Baby Boomers in the United States are officially senior citizens with the real possibility of a nursing home in their future. As a large portion of the American population ages gracefully, the natural processes of the body mean that healthcare services are on the forefront of many minds. Because of the youthful attitude of boomers, being a senior citizen doesn’t look like it once did. Turning 65 doesn’t necessarily mean that you watch the world around you advance while you stay set in your ways. People of all ages are embracing advances in technology, which is what makes virtual healthcare tours a great asset for facilities that are targeting a senior market with considerations of the future.

Bridging the Generational Technology Gap

If you went back in time to a nursing home of the past, you might see a television and some board games. These days, you’re likely to see elderly patients enjoying smart phones and laptop computers. While grandma might need some instructions on how to send a text or grandpa might be a little confused about hooking his laptop up to the internet, the fact is that the gap between generations is becoming much bridged when it comes to technology. The World Wide Web, itself, is aging, and so the internet is the ultimate way to advertise to all generations. Boomers, especially, make up a huge section of the population. When given an opportunity to “tour” a healthcare facility online, in the comfort of their own home, they are likely to be quite grateful and open-minded.

Preparing for the Future

In addition to embracing technology, there is an increasing number of people over the age of 65 that are embracing aging with a realistic attitude. Rather than pretend that the inevitable won’t happen, they are taking action to ensure that their future care will meet their expectations, while they are still in the frame and presence of mind to make those decisions. When you’re trying to attract patients to your hospital or residents to your nursing home, an interactive view of the facility is sure to make them feel more of a connection. Panoramic virtual tours offer prospective clients a reassuring view of your facility that will likely have them picking up the phone, and coming in to see more.

Help for Nursing Homes from Virtual Healthcare Tours

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