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Photography during COVID

Many people are asking how we continue to photography during COVID. The answer is…very carefully. We usually only send one photographer at a time. We follow all local requirements, and are tested frequently, and are always ready to present COVID test results as requested. 

Many of our clients are providing rapid tests at the door, and all of our photographers are happy to do this. PPE is of prime importance. We take the safety of our photography team very seriously. We are nothing without our team members. We will reschedule a photoshoot at the first inkling that a member of the photography team is not comfortable in a certain situation, and we have done so. 

Some facilities are actually now requiring proof of vaccination. Our photographers have all be vaccinated and are happy to provide this proof.

We want everyone to be safe. We love our staff, and value our clients. 

Please let me know if you need any clarifications and have any questions.

Be safe.


(Above is Andres Otero, Head of Photography)

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