June 12, 2019

VirtualTECH Design LLC, the nation’s leading producer of virtual tours of healthcare centers, has announced the launch of their “3D CareView” virtual walk-through technology. This new service provides healthcare centers with a true 3D model of their facility, or sections of thier facility that they want to showcase. It uses cameras and special sensors to scan a room and instantly create both an actual floor plan and a true life 3D rendering. And since most people nowadays know how to use Google Street View, they can intuitively pick up how to navigate a 3D CareView on a computer, and especially on a smart phone.


“The process of creating a 3D CareView is remarkably simple”, says Maz Hobbi, creator of the technology. “We’ve automated the process and reduced the amount of gear we need so that we cause as little disruption to the normal day to day operations of a facility. Further, since we’ve gained so much experience working with literally hundreds of healthcare centers making our “classic” virtual tours, we understand the logistics of filming in a busy center. We now only need about 2-3 hours on site to capture all the images and do all the scans as we need to in order to make a 3D CareView.”


“I’ve seen many trends in the digital marketing of healthcare centers in the time I’ve been in this space”, said Anthony, owner of VirtualTECH Design LLC. “First, there were online photo galleries, then video ads, and most recently 360-degree virtual tours, which we have been able to lead the market in. But our 3D CareView is the biggest leap forward of all of them. There is simply no better way to present a healthcare facility than a 3D CareView, and I can’t imagine there ever being one. We are talking a complete Virtual Reality Experience.”


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