The Role of VR: NYC Marketing Evolved

In the field of healthcare, there is no better or more interactive marketing solution than VR. NYC is full of thousands of medical facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, dentist offices, and clinics. Facilities like this need to attract potential patients, but research has indicated that many people suffer from apprehension when visiting new and unfamiliar facilities.

They simply don’t know what to expect when walking through the front doors. But with virtual reality, New York healthcare providers can melt those fears away by giving potential patients a way to interact with their facility before ever leaving the comfort of their own home. As a marketing solution, there isn’t a better way to reach people who need treatment.

The Possibilities of Virtual Tour Production

The value of letting people view your facility from their homes is nearly unparalleled. But, the benefits don’t just stop there. From a business standpoint, your healthcare center immeasurably becomes more competitive in a crowded city full of alternative choices. Potential patients stuck between choosing two unknown facilities will be much more inclined to give yours a chance if they can see what’s inside before showing up. It’s a revolutionary strategy that doesn’t just tell people you’re the best but shows them exactly how and why you’re better than the rest of the pack.

This works very well for clinics and dentist offices that are typically closed on weekends. Those seeking treatment can still view your facility through your website as if they were standing in the halls, themselves.

New York Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour of New York City Facilities

It’s all pretty simple, too. We send out photographers to snap images of the most important aspects of your facility and stitch them together to form a fully panoramic, digital walkthrough. You can choose from a list of customizable options, including:

  • – Voice over narration
  • – Different languages
  • – Informational hotspots

We don’t interrupt your business operations in any capacity and take cautionary steps to protect the privacy of all your patients while we work.

Ask About Our New York Virtual Tours Now

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