Our Virtual Reality Technology

We craft tours using only the highest quality virtual reality technology. Our goal is to give a fully-interactive tour while maintaining convenience, flexibility, and transparency. The uses of virtual reality are nearly endless, and our expert designers harness its unique power to build compelling marketing stories.

Our process is very simple and efficient; we don’t use any elaborate lighting rigs or setups. In the interest of keeping medical facilities running smoothly, we utilize an approach of convenience and minimalism that won’t interrupt operations in any way.


You’ll still get a high-quality result, without having to compromise your healthcare facility in any capacity. In fact, our unobtrusive approach allows your normal operations to continue, letting our photographers capture your medical care in action working around patients seamlessly, without invading their privacy.



virtual tour technology


High-Resolution Cameras

Our photographers use leading virtual tour technology including high-resolution cameras with special lenses and pre-programmed settings that provide industry-leading quality for still images and a 360 panorama viewer.

If you seek to truly capture someone’s attention, then you must give them the finer details. Immersion through virtual experiences works best when potential patients can see every hallway, every room, waiting room chairs, and medical equipment, maybe even staff performing their rounds.

Our intention is to produce a feeling of calmness within potential patients, so when they do visit your healthcare center, they’ll feel as if they’ve already walked the halls before.

Using the photos we capture, our designers rely on editing software like Photoshop to stitch the still images together until we’ve quilted the best possible virtual map of your facility.

Google Trusted

With a Google trusted photographer on staff, we’re certified by Google themselves to offer virtual tours of private and healthcare facilities. With this certification, we’re given access to certain software provided by Google that allows us to add virtual tours to Google Maps, Google Street View, and Google+ local pages.

This tremendously increases your visibility, and may even help potential patients find, and interact, with your facility much quicker.

If you want to learn more about our Google virtual tours and what you can expect, then follow this link..


Supporting Virtual Tour Software
In addition to our HR cameras, our designers employ a variety of additional virtual tour equipment and software intended to give your panorama tour with the best possible user experience.


VR Tours:


  • Through hosting on Amazon Web Cloud Services, we maintain a 99.99% uptime rate, which guarantees your tours will work seamlessly on all desktop and mobile devices
  • Our specialists integrate Google Analytics tracking into your virtual tour, giving you access to performance metrics and user dimensions


Web Design:


  • For any web design requests, we create sites through WordPress (the most widely-used CMS) so, in the future, you can make easy changes
  • Our designers use Adobe Suite to create and add any animations to your virtual tour


Experience Virtual Reality For Medical Center Marketing


Our tech is more than capable of handling all your virtual tour and website design needs. From designing a virtual tour guide display to re-structuring your website, our specialists can upgrade your domain in a variety of ways. Contact us today, and we’ll get started brainstorming your tour now!