Virtual Healthcare Tours are a marketing tool designed to attract web traffic (potential clients, patients, customers) for nursing homes, medical practices, dental offices, assisted living centers, adult day cares, and the like. Virtual tours offer people the opportunity to enjoy a three dimensional interactive tour from the comfort of their home. We employ panoramic and aerial photography, modern graphics, engaging music, and soothing, but authoritative voiceovers. Does any of this sound familiar? Here are some other places where you might have seen virtual tours on the internet.

Virtual Real Estate Tours

The real estate industry has embraced virtual tours. What better way is there to give people an inside look at potential homes they might be interested in for rental or purchase? When a prospective renter or buyer is searching for a home, the process of looking at all options can be time consuming and daunting. Add in the expense of driving around to see one house after the other (many of which are not what you imagined) and you have a recipe for wasted time and frustration. The opportunity to see an inside view of available homes from the comfort of one’s current home with the use of a computer is an amazing time-saving tool to have in this day and age.

Informational Virtual Tours

Are you planning a vacation? Virtual tours is a perfect tool for research. Gone are the days of having to go to a travel agent’s office to pick up brochures. If you’re looking at a cruise, you might be able to take a closer look at the ship you’ll be sailing on with a click of your computer’s mouse. Do you want to see the dining room; the staterooms; the nightclub? A virtual tour will allow all of that. If you’re planning a more active sight-seeing trip, virtual interactions can help you narrow down the monuments, museums, and restaurants you most want to add to your itinerary.

Contact Us for Your Virtual Tour Needs

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