Video Production

Our video production services begin with a short consultation where our specialists help conceptualize your visual story through our film solutions. We’re seeking to elevate branding identity for healthcare centers with the ultimate goal of enhancing, or establishing, an online presence. In order to be an influencer in the industry, we highly recommend utilizing virtual 360-degree film content to interact with your targeted audience in a meaningful way.


Our hyper-efficient film production process has been developed by Shay Motion using 11 years of filmmaking knowledge, allowing us to produce VR videos in approximately 10% of the typical timeframe. We use broadcast quality camera equipment to achieve a production value that offers our clientele the best bang for their buck.

Your virtual walkthrough comes with tons of customizable features. Every healthcare facility is different, and each offers their own unique benefits and advantages for their patients. By selecting background music, choosing voice-overs, creating a bilingual version, or adding interactive hotspots, your tour will be completely unique to your facility.

Showing potential patients what they can expect from your facility demonstrates transparency and trust. Patients experience pangs of anxiety whenever entering a new care center, which can certainly interfere with their recovery process. What our videos offer is more than just storytelling, it’s a platform from which you can project your personality, vision, and credibility.

The entire process is painless. Our photographers will capture photos of your facility—without disrupting your daily operations—before sending them to our digital editors to be compiled into a unique, panoramic experience.

Our areas of expertise are in:

  • • Short/Feature Length Documentaries
  • • Promotional Videos, Instagram Videos
  • • TV Commercials
  • • Event Videos
  • • Video Walkthroughs (to complement our Virtual Tours)
  • Web Series
Video Tour 360
Shay Motion, Video Producer

Our team is ready to deliver any virtual tour, 360 degrees and fully-interactive, or any other kind of promotional video service you require. Our professional, knowledgeable team is extremely skilled in capturing your message and brand, delivering it with superior quality and in less time than competitors.

Contact us today, and let’s get started!