Do you have any idea how many “Baby Boomers in the United States have reached official senior citizen status? Try 80 million. While this generation is teaching us how to age gracefully, there’s no getting around the fact that with each passing year, our bodies may not work as efficiently as they once did. Merely having a youthful mind can’t stop someone elderly from needing assistance at some point. The good news is that people of all ages are embracing technology. This means that a virtual healthcare tour could end up reaching an unprecedented number of clients that are thinking about their future living situations as they age.

Technology Over 65

You may have to stifle a giggle when you see your grandfather put his glasses on and quizzically stare at his new IPhone, trying to figure out what a “text” is, let alone how to send one. However, computers have been around long enough that a large portion of elderly adults are enjoying gadgets like laptops, IPads, and Kindles. The internet is the ultimate way to advertise to all generations. Baby boomers are such a large cross-section of our American population, their needs should not be ignored. In retirement, they may get used to an easier going lifestyle. They’ve worked hard all of their life and see no need to run around town touring retirement communities when they could get much of the legwork done sitting on their comfortable couch with a cup of coffee, enjoying a morning news program in the background.

The Future is Here

Many people over the age of 65 are still caring for their elderly parents that didn’t realize they were going to live this long. This can translate into embracing aging with a more realistic attitude. Many baby boomers don’t want their children to spend years in their 50s, 60s, or even 70s having to take care of them in an infirmed state. They recognize the inevitable elements of aging and want to make decisions now, while they have the presence of mind to do so. When you’re trying to attract clients or patients to your retirement apartments, hospital, or assisted living community, an interactive view of the facility is sure to make them feel more of a connection.

Virtual Tours to Attract Baby Boomers

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