What: What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is an online, interactive tool that allows anyone with a computer or smartphone to tour your facility 24/7 from anywhere in the world. They can be customized to your branding and include multimedia such as embedded videos, maps, floorplans, narration and popups. 

Why: Why should I have a virtual tour created?

Especially during the COVID-19 outbreak did it become evident that it is vital to have a means for people to tour facilities online since they could not do so in person. People have come to expect virtual tours of places they plan to visit or live. And they open your doors to anyone, anywhere, with a computer or smartphone.

Why You: Why should we use you to create one?

Virtualtech Design is the nation’s leading creator of virtual tours of healthcare facilities. We understand the logistics of working with a busy healthcare center. Our tenets are the “Three Ps” – People (hire and use the best talent), Process (make it as easy as possible on our clients) and Price (offer plans that are as affordable as they are all-inclusive). Read our reviews here.

“Voiceovers / Narration: Do you provide voiceovers? Who records them?

We work with an agency that has over 25 different voice over artists to choose from: Our clients provide us with scripts and we have them recorded, all as part of your package.

Costs / Price: How much does a virtual tour cost? Are there recurring fees?

Contact us for the latest pricing plans for healthcare virtual tours and college/university virtual tours. We provide a monthly, all inclusive subscription package, with no upfront cost and cancel any time. We also offer a one-time fee plan without any recurring fees.. Many clients prefer the low monthly fee plan because it includes unlimited edits, photoshoots, hotspots, and more.

Payments: What form of payments do you accept?

Credit Cards, ACH, Check, Venmo, CashApp, and Zelle.

Timing: How long does it take to have one made?

It usually takes us 5-7 days from the date of photography to edit and produce a virtual tour.


Preparation: How should I prepare my facility or college for the virtual tour photo shoot?

It is important that your facility be ready. And unless specified, no people should appear in any of the shots and we will need the help of your staff with that. General guidelines can be found here:

Timing: How long will you be on site?

We offer a “15-minute photo shoot” plan, but typically our photographers are on site anywhere from 2-4 hours.

Photographer(s): How many will be there and what will they bring?

Usually one photographer will be assigned to a project, although sometimes he or she has an assistant. Great is minimal – no large rigs or lighting is needed. Typically just two portable cameras and tripods.

HIPAA / Privacy: How can I be sure you follow any privacy guidelines that are in place?

We avoid photographing any people, car license plates, names or other personal information. And when the virtual tour is ready for your review, you and we carefully review the scenes and blur anything that we could not avoid during photography.

Aerial: Do you shoot aerial / drone footage?

Yes! Our monthly plan actually includes aerial stills, aerial 360s and aerial videos! They can be embedded in your virtual tour and/or used for your own purposes.

Cancellation: Are there any fees for cancellation?

Since the time of our photography team is very valuable, we do charge a fee of $350 if a shoot is cancelled within 48 hours. Exceptions are health reasons (like a COVID outbreak) or severe weather conditions.


What: What is a Mobile App

A mobile app is an application that is downloaded to a mobile phone (Android or iphone device) that resides on the device rather than on a website. Think Twitter, Instagram, your bank’s mobile app, and Angry Birds. Your facility can have one too! You can tell people to download the ABCXYZ App from the App Store of Google Play.

Why: Why does my facility need a Mobile App?

Marketing, loyalty, communication, recruitment, and many other reasons.

Costs: What does it cost to have a mobile app created? Are there any recurring fees?

There are no up front development costs but there are low monthly fees for hosting and maintenance.

App Store: Does this really mean I will have an app on the app store and Google Play?


Requirements: What is required of me? What do you need from me?

Communication. We will send a checklist for you to fill out, and work with you. We know the questions to ask, we just need you to answer them.


Who owns my content?

You do! You can keep the still photos and use them as you see fit. You can also use the virtual tour and mobile app for whatever purpose you want, but we do require that we host them.


How do I get support 24/7?

Dial 888-TOURS-80, option 2, for immediate assistance.

Contact owner: How can I get in touch with the owner? I have a question / concern / proposal / opportunity.

Call Anthony directly at 888-TOURS-80, option 3, Or text 212-951-1010. You can also email


What is Google Street View?

Google Street View is part of Google Maps. It is a feature that allows people to “stand” on streets and look around by means of a 360-degree view.

Can my virtual tour be added to Google Street View?

Yes! We work with Google to upload your virtual tour to literally be integrated with Google Street View so people can be “walking” down the street in Street View, click on your facility, and be brought inside! This is also accessible via your Google Local / Google Business page. We also upload images there.

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