Virtual Tour Cost

Virtual Tour Cost

How much does a virtual tour cost? It varies wildly. Some charge a monthly fee. Some charge a flat rate. We offer both virtual tour pricing options.

This first about the value a virtual tour will give you. What is the average cost per “customer” (in your case resident or patient). Oftentimes a virtual tour can bring in multiple customers per month. 

Or you can think about the cost per bed per day of a patient. Sometimes monthly virtual tour plans cost less than one day for one bed, so imagine if a virtual tour led to several per month?

The cost of a virtual tour is only one factor to consider. How is the customer service of the virtual tour provider? What reviews do they have? Does the virtual tour creator specialize in healthcare or just take any assignment that comes their way?

You may want to choose a virtual tour flat rate pricing plan so it is a one time fee, or you may decide to pay a small monthly fee to keep costs down and also if you think you’ll request more changes and photoshoots over time.

The type of payment plan you select is up to a number of factors including the anticipated changes to your virtual tour in the future, the budget you have, the price you can afford and if you’d rather pay one up-front fee or spread it out monthly. It is important to note that the virtual tour subscription is an ongoing fee and only ends if you decide to cancel your virtual tour subscription.

Virtualtech Design has plans or virtual tour pricing to fit your budget. Contact us to learn more at

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