Virtual Tour Meaning

virtual tour meaning

What is the meaning of virtual tour?

Imagine you are searching for nursing homes for your grandmother and you’ve been told about this fantastic place you have to check out. You trust the person who told you about it, so you make an appointment to tour it. But then COVID-19 hits, and on-site tours are banned. What’s the next best thing? How can you capture the experience of being on site and in person, only virtually? This is what a virtual tour is, the meaning of a virtual tour.

Virtual Tour Definition

A virtual tour is a website that lets you take a self guided tour of a location. You can tour, virtually, by means of arrows that move you around, zooming in and out, clicking on things to learn more, and even moving your cell phone left and right.

Are virtual tours limited?

Of course! Virtual tours only show you what the facility wants you to see. And they don’t tell the story of the culture and feeling of being there. Although that is changing a little.

Modern Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are evolving. They can now include video, testimonials, voiceovers, and other multimedia features to embrace the culture of the facility. Nothing beats an onsite tour, but modern virtual tours come close when family members live far away, facilities are closed to visitors, or if you’re just browsing the internet on your phone or computer.

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