How is a Virtual Tour Made?

How It Works Video – Virtual Tours for Healthcare Facilities

Virtual Tours - How It Works

So you know what a virtual tour is, and want to have one created for your healthcare facility so people can tour you 24/7 from their computer or phone, all around the country.. What’s next?

First, let’s schedule a photography date – one that works best. Let us know a day or two that you prefer for our photographer to come and take virtual tour panoramas and still photos. We only need a couple day’s notice.  The main thing is making sure you’re ready for photography. That means that all of the areas you want included in the virtual tour should be cleaned and staged.  Plan for us to be on site for about 3 or 4 hours.

Once we have a date in the books, we also need you to start thinking about a “shot list” – what areas to include in the tour. Just think about what you show people when they do an in-person tour. Like the exterior, lobby, reception, nurses station, private room, semi-private room, activities room, rehab gym, dining room, courtyard, and so on.

So you have your photo shoot scheduled, and you’ve given us your “shot list”. Next comes the on-site photography. Please have someone shadow the photographer throughout the 3 or 4 hour shoot, so that they aren’t left alone in the facility, maybe getting funny looks.  And Having a staff member with the photographer will also make it easier to ask people to briefly leave an area, for instance, while we shoot that room.

After the photography is done, we’ll contact you in under a week with a draft of your virtual tour and your still photos, and if we did aerial photos, those too! We’ll work with you on fine tuning the look of the tour, and once it’s done – it’s yours to use as you wish – on your website, in your email signature, in social media, as a QR code, and so on!

It’s that easy. 

In summary, just:

1) Pick a date for photography 

2) Send us a shot list

3) Clean and prep the facility, and work on site with our photographer as much as you can

4) Then wait for us to show you the results!

That’s it! So… let’s schedule your virtual tour photography!

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