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Virtualtech Design is the leading producer of digital marketing products and services for healthcare facilities and colleges and universities. These include virtual tours, custom video productions, website design and development and video brochures.

Virtualtech Design has been in business for over 15 years and has created thousands of virtual tours of real estate, hotels, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

A virtual tour is an online, interactive way for people to tour your facility from their own homes and their own phones. They can look around, zoom in and out, click on hotspots, listen to voiceovers and feel like they are right within your facility.

Virtualtech Design is an expert in Assisted Living Virtual Tours

Assisted Living Virtual Tours

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Virtualtech Design photographed this Nursing Home Reception Virtual Tour Image

Nursing Home Virtual Tours

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Photography of Jefferson Hospital Exterior by Virtualtech Design

Hospital Virtual Tours

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SNF Activities Room 360

College Virtual Tours

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Virtualtech Design created professional Videos Healthcare Facility

Healthcare Video Productions

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Custom Mobile Apps For Healthcare

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is marketing that uses the digital world- the Internet and mobile phones. It has become an important marketing tool used by businesses to reach customers. Essentially, it is the marketing strategy used by companies to communicate with target demographic groups. Such marketing has revolutionized marketing in many ways because it allows marketers to target customers more effectively and generate more response from their campaigns.

Digital marketing is a marketing strategy that includes communication via computers, the Internet and mobile phones. It marketing focuses on obtaining, communicating, and storing information. The concept of digital marketing is not new- the term ‘digital marketing’ was first used in the 1980s. However, the term  gained more popularity in 2007 after Google launched their digital marketing department.

Three Types of Digital Marketing

The three types are direct, indirect and viral marketing. Direct digital marketing involves using computers as communication tools. Examples of direct digital marketing include website design, development, management and maintenance. Indirect uses textual advertising campaigns such as email and online advertising. Viral advertising uses computer algorithms and software to spread links through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Once a viral advertisement reaches a social network, it can quickly reach millions of potential customers.

Electronic marketing has become an integral part of modern life- everyone communicates digitally nowadays. Examples of digital communication include email, text messages, social media updates and online chats. Digital devices are also used for communication: smartphones help people stay in touch with information at any given moment. Furthermore, people also use computers for Internet access at home or at work. In addition, technology companies develop applications for both mobile phones and computers- this allows people to communicate digitally without needing access to conventional devices.

New Ways of Reaching Out

Modern Marketing has revolutionized how businesses reach out to individuals with information- they can now communicate with prospective customers directly through computers or mobile phones. As technology improves, so will digital marketers’- new tools allow them to be more creative and far-sighted when targeting prospective customers.

It offers a multitude of advantages over traditional advertising, such as improved analytics, greater reach, and lower costs. Through digital marketing, businesses can identify their target audience more specifically, track their campaigns in real-time and make adjustments as needed. They can also measure the success of their campaigns to evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies. Furthermore, these campaigns are relatively inexpensive compared to traditional advertising, allowing businesses to stretch their budget further.

Why Digital Marketing?

It also helps businesses to keep up with the ever-evolving needs of their customers. Through targeting specific demographics, businesses can create content that speaks to their customer’s needs and interests. By creating engaging content, businesses can encourage their customers to take action and purchase their products, leading to increased revenue and a new client base.