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Does it seem far-fetched for your facility to have its own Custom Mobile App? It’s not!

We create them for healthcare facilities!  

Customized to your branding (logo / colors).

Custom Mobile App Healthcare Facility by Virtualtech Design
Virtualtech Design
Custom Mobile Apps by Virtualtech Design
Your Twitter Account (don’t have one? We can set that up!)
Your Instagram (We can set this up too!)
Your FB Page (And this!)
Stream of your YouTube Videos (We create videos)
COVID-19 Updates
Link to any relevant information related to the pandemic that you must post
Any videos you have (we are also a full video production house!)
Photo Gallery
Any photos (We do still photography as well as virtual tour photography)
PDFs or images of your floorplans
Sample Menu
Post a weekly or monthly menu, or a sample menu
Virtual Tour
Include your 360-degree Virtual Tour
Meet Our Team
Videos, or photos, and bios of your team members
Virtual Hugs
A way for anyone to send photos, videos and messages to staff or residents/patients.
A calendar showing all upcoming events so family can track what is going on.
Map to your facility, links to phone’s map tool.
Google Reviews / Ratings
One problem many facilities face is low Google Ratings. Have loyal fans of your facility rate you on Google from within the App
Contact Us
Allow people to send messages, emails, calls, or text
Schedule Tour
Links to a real-time calendar that allows people to schedule time w/you (phone call / visit).
Push Notifications
Send important messages out to your App users
Encourage Prospects to download the App & learn more about you & submit resume.
Other Features
Our Apps are Completely customizable… Zoom calls? Chat feature? Database? Yes! Unlimited options.

Developing Custom Mobile Apps

Developing custom mobile applications is a popular hobby among Android and iPhone users. Most people choose to develop apps for fun or for commercial purposes. Apps can perform various functions, such as tracking locations, controlling hardware, and communicating with other users. Developers create custom apps based on app ideas, app needs, and app market trends. This makes these apps unique to the user.

Applications can perform various functions; this includes performing daily tasks, managing personal information, communicating with others, and much more. Some common applications include text message emojis, calculator apps, calendar apps, contact management systems, and payment systems. For example, Apple’s App Store lists more than 1 million different iOS applications for its users to choose from. When developing an application, developers focus on creating a quality product they can be proud of. They do this by taking into account all the features their users need and want. Apps can be used in many ways by individuals and businesses alike.

Custom Mobile App Ideas

Developers create custom apps based on app ideas- such as adding new functionalities or creating customized interfaces for their customers. They also do so based on app needs- such as creating applications for business or educational purposes. App needs vary depending on the industry and platform owners’ goals for their platforms. For example, WhatsApp’s founders created an application that allowed users to communicate across multiple platforms without paying WhatsApp’s fees for its platform. This allowed users in Africa and other underdeveloped countries access to modern communication methods without spending a lot of money on it themselves. It was an application concept motivated by a need for the Africans’ own economic success- not economic incentive from the outside world.

People have many options when choosing how easy or difficult they’d like their apps to be for themselves and others. Easy choices include allowing people to access your custom app remotely or allowing users to set up accounts in advance. More difficult choices include restricting access to specific features in your app or requiring people to input complex passwords before allowing them access to certain features of your app. Your choices affect how people will use your apps and make life easier or harder for them. People have influence when choosing how easy or difficult their apps will be. This can affect the market value of your apps when people see those choices and choose to download your app based on those choices made by you and others like you.

Healthcare Center Mobile Apps

Choices developers make regarding how easy or difficult their apps make life easier or more difficult have an effect on the market value of their applications- making life easier or more difficult makes life easier or more difficult for the individual user but makes it more challenging for business owners trying to use your applications in business settings. Additionally, making life harder for others by restricting access to certain features people need increases the value of your application so long as the potential benefits outweigh the potential drawbacks of limiting access to necessary features by default.