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What Can a Virtual Tour Do for Your Hospital?

Hospital Virtual Tours allow prospective patients to “tour” your facility from home.

Photographs simply can’t tell the same story the way a  hospital virtual tour can. If a picture is worth a thousand words, we like to say that a virtual tour is worth a thousand pictures. Our customized online tours can be featured on your website and allow potential patients and their families to experience a virtual walk-through of your hospital.

Virtual Tours of Birth Centers, Specialty Hospitals, Cancer Centers, and other Hospitals

Providing patients with a  virtual hospital tour will invariably help reduce feelings of apprehension and anxiety. Those requiring extensive operations, procedures, treatments, or therapies, have no idea what to expect, and many experts agree that the best way for patients to overcome their fears is to get informed about both the medical procedure, and the staff and facility where the procedure will be performed. Patients want to know what they can expect when they walk through your doors, and our virtual tour solutions can help.

Areas such as waiting rooms, dining facilities, and gift shops come to life through a complete, 360-degree panoramic view.  Virtual healthcare tours allow them to get to know the friendly faces that will walk them through the paperwork process, while new patients can take a look at your state-of-the-art technology and operating rooms. They can tour all of these components from the security and the privacy of their own homes.

Soothing music and voice-over narration, in addition to features such as interactive hotspots, make your virtual tour a complete experience. We invite you to browse through our portfolio to see how this marketing tool has helped hospitals reach and relax new patients. As one of the  best virtual tour company, we have helped hundreds of medical facilities all over the country.

Hospital Marketing

Hospital marketing refers to the marketing strategies used to promote hospitals to the general public. Marketing is essential for all types of hospitals because it helps patients and staff alike understand the hospital’s services and costs. Marketing can be direct or indirect: direct marketing entails sending information to specific individuals, whereas indirect marketing involves targeting the general public with information. Healthcare marketing is a fast-growing industry that’s readily available to all hospitals at a reasonable price.

Marketing is important for two primary reasons. First, hospital marketing helps patients understand medical situations and makes them feel more informed and confident when making medical decisions. Second, hospital marketing keeps healthcare providers and their revenue steady. This is because people rarely switch healthcare providers unless they’re fully informed of their options. This is especially true for high-cost procedures; patients are more likely to seek out high-quality care after reading about lower-cost alternatives. Despite this, some patients still prefer to seek out their care independently rather than take their insurance’s recommended doctors and hospitals.

How Hospitals Advertise

Hospitals advertise using many different methods to reach the public, including print, digital, social media, television and telephone. Each method has its pros and cons, so it’s important to conduct market research before using any strategy. For example, television advertising can be effective at a high cost if targeted correctly. However, if used excessively without research first, it can have a negative impact on a hospital’s brand image. Social media can quickly spread negative comments about a hospital or its staff without any additional cost; staff members must remain vigilant about how they manage these accounts. In general, healthcare institutions that are financially healthy tend to have well-run marketing departments that are aware of new strategies and are ready to implement them whenever necessary.

Most hospital marketing campaigns focus on three major factors: the staff, physicians and facilities itself. The best way to market a hospital is by showcasing the staff’s expertise and experience in treating certain illnesses and injuries. Displaying awards won by previous patients demonstrates that the hospital is both professional and competent. Advertising on radio stations with large audiences maximizes accessibility for potential patients. It also lets staff members know where potential marketing materials can be found by potential customers themselves. Lastly, maintaining a blog or website keeps up with current medical trends so staff members can inform potential customers about new procedures or treatments as they become apparent in future literature.

Hospital Virtual Tours

Hospital marketing is essential for all types of hospitals because it keeps both patients and revenue steady- no one likes seeing wasted advertising budgets! Patients are willing spend extra money when they’re confident in their healthcare provider’s abilities. Plus, highlighting staff awards helps inspire current patients to keep their business with the hospital in mind when seeking medical treatment. Ultimately, improving medical standards through better healthcare advertising! Companies like Virtualtech Design create stunning 360 degree virtual tours of hospitals.

Virtual Tour of Jefferson Hospital