We All Are Here For You.


Meet some of our team members, who comprise the Virtual Tour Company that is Virtualtech Design.


VP, Sales & Marketing

Our CEO met Jack when he was looking for help with marketing. He found one of the most genuine, talented and caring people he’d ever met. Jack is a young, ambitious and energetic professional who believes in smart work. With a storied history of supporting CEOs of Silicon Valley tech startups, he brings experience with helping do in depth research on our future clients, as well as the administrative and operations sides of our business. He is co-founder, along with Anthony, of autopilotgeek.com.

“Fresh” Lokesh

VP, Production

Lokesh is responsible for all aspects of virtual tour editing and Production. He has vast experience in HDR post processing, stitching panoramas, and creating interactive virtual tours using a host of software. Originally a mechanical engineer, in 2008 he began to follow his passion into graphic design, and by 2021 has produced thousands of virtual tours, including practically all of Virtualtech Design's. His hobbies are Yoga, Pottery and Travelling.

Emy Grace

Marketing Associate

Emy Grace is an expert in Sales with 10 years of experience. She joined the Virtualtech Design team in 2021. Emy Grace works with compassion and integrity. She takes her work very seriously and always brings her “A-Game”. During her free time she just loves to stay at home and spend time with her kids.


Head of Content

Andrés has been a senior content producer, writer, and director for a U.S. based commercial production house and has extensive experience directing and interviewing celebrities. He's also created topical video asset for major online newspapers. He is the director of Somos Creative (www.somoscreative.com) Andres is responsible for all virtual tour photography in the New York TriState Area.
He was drawn to the early days of AR/VR/XR and drone technology, investing in equipment and courses to learn 360° storytelling. His passion for this space has earned him collaborations with CAA and The Endless creating consumer engagement products, and most recently as a 360° tour photographer for Virtualtech Design. He plans to one day use these technologies to create a feature film.
In the last few years, Andrés has been developing his first feature, Slab City Trip, while taking workshops with the Sundance Co//ab courses including “Script Writing: Core Elements”, “Directing: Workshopping Your Feature Film” and “Directing Actors”.


Director of Websites

Jeff is the owner of City Park Design. City Park Design is a top-rated design and development firm specializing in the health-care industry. City Park Design offers affordable websites and a quick turnaround time to give your brand a facelift. https://cityparkdesign.com. We are happy to work with them on many important projects.


Graphic Design / Editor

Anu is a homemaker turned Graphic Designer, and works with her husband Lokesh. She is skilled with various programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom, HDR, and stitching Panoramas. Although Lokesh oversees all Production, Anu is the boss at home.

Chester 360

Executive Assistant

Chester 360 was rescued from a kill shelter in Texas in January 2018. He is part chihuahua and part poodle. He (apparently) believes all humans are wonderful and that all dogs are terrible. He likes walks and can be found clinging to Anthony approximately 18 - 20 hours a day.



Anthony founded what is now Virtualtech Design LLC in 2009. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a specialization in multimedia. He is an expert coder, and still enjoys programming occasionally. When not working, he can be found hiking, traveling, painting, or pretending he knows how to play guitar.

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