VR technology refers to digital–or computerized–tools that produce a totally immersive, artificial environment anyone can experience, anywhere and at anytime.

Now, most of you will probably think of those cumbersome looking Oculus visors when hearing the phrase VR technology. But, with advancements in website design and easier access to information through the web, the usefulness of VR has stretched significantly across the tech industry.

And today, VR has bled into other verticals too, becoming a particularly useful strategic marketing tool for all kinds of healthcare providers.

That’s right, hospitals and dentist offices to nursing homes and private practices can hugely benefit from 360 virtual tour software.

Here’s what we’re talking about.Virtual Tour Image

What Is A 360 Virtual Tour?

In this day and age, most companies and business entities operate their own website. As we surge further into the digital renaissance, capturing online traffic is becoming the primary source of revenue for most businesses—this includes facilities like hospitals, care centers, clinics, and dentist offices.

But, these particular organizations often suffer from poor online appeal due to the fact most potential patients fear visiting medical facilities. Studies have indicated that the young and the elderly exhibit symptoms of anxiety, stress, and apprehension when visiting a healthcare center for the first time.

It boils down to this: they simply don’t know what to expect. And that’s where virtual tour technology helps.

360 virtual tour software provides the tools and platforms necessary to stitch together a series of images into a perfectly quilted virtual reality experience that can be attached directly onto any web page.

This means you can launch your very own VR tour that can take users through a highly detailed walkthrough of your facility. And they will never have to leave the comfort of their own home.

VR Tour & Virtual Hospital Tour

Aside from the convenience of easing the fears of potential patients, you’re also harnessing the power of an extremely unique marketing tool that hasn’t yet seen widespread deployment in the field of healthcare.

A virtual hospital tour offers a fully interactive, panoramic walkthrough of your center with optional information hotspots and voiceover guides in multiple languages. The interface is streamlined to provide simple interaction, just click on any directional arrow and the tour will quickly take you into the next area.

It’s such a simple tool, yet offers so much in return. Private practices closed on the weekend now have a method to show their online users everything about their facility without having to worry about business hours.

Nursing homes can hit two targets with these tours; the elderly patients and their families. Moving into a strange, unfamiliar setting isn’t an easy transition for most people, but allowing potential guests(and their loved ones) to see beforehand how they’ll live helps make this decision easier.

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