Why Should Hospitals Invest in Virtual Tour Now?

An analysis from the Advisory Board estimated that as many as 20 percent of virtual tour patients would theoretically convert to being full-service patients of a hospital or health system at an estimated annual revenue increase of approximately $3,000 per patient.

The recent pandemic has undoubtedly placed historic financial strain on America’s hospitals, affecting both supply-side and demand-side as we head into a recession. According to the American Hospital Association (AHA), COVID-19 caused an estimated $202.6 billion in losses for America’s hospitals and healthcare systems in just a 4-month period. 

HealthAffairs, who analyzed the 2007 recession and its impact on the hospital finances in Hospital Financial Performance In The Recent Recession And Implications For Institutions That Remain Financially Weak, stated, “hospitals need financial resources now to implement changes in the delivery of health care so that they can start restructuring organizational programs and activities.” Hospitals need revenue to support projects for new types of care, such as virtual tours and virtual waiting rooms. 

The upcoming financial struggles will certainly affect a hospital’s delivery system reform and value-focused purchasing initiatives.

Key benefits of virtual tour

  1. Build the first impression
  2. Virtual walkthrough
  3. Highlight the features
  4. Website Performance
  5. Saves tons of time
  6. Access just at one tap
  7. Increase Website Engagement
  8. Available 24/7 without any manpower
  9. Attract the attention of the broader market
  10. Remove the hassle of visiting hospitals

According to Brookings, a large reason healthcare funding shrinks during a recession is due to declining household incomes. 

Evidence shows a segment of the population simply avoids or puts off health care altogether, leading to lower health spending and obvious health risks for patients. 

With the help of virtual tours, patients can take a tour through the hospital and the facilities they offer. Virtual tours make it a lot easier to visit hospitals just by sitting from the comfort of home.

What are you waiting for now? Don’t miss out on the chance to have the virtual tour for your healthcare facilities and start offering the best care from the comfort of home. 

Connect with our team today and set up a consultation with us and we’ll provide you with a quote for your custom virtual tour. We don’t just make virtual tours, we create a captivating experience.


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