The purpose of a virtual tours on the internet is to attract traffic to your website. A nicely presented virtual tour can turn casual viewers into future dedicated clients. That’s why you should always go with a reputable company with a tried-and-true track record when you are seeking an essential marketing tool like a virtual tour. At Virtual Healthcare Tours, we can provide you with everything you need to stand out from the crowd, and have patients and clients knocking at the door.

What Is the Process?

Your virtual tour will begin with a consultation, in which we will highlight what we can offer you and what you can expect. Following that, a time will be set up for one of our staging consultants to arrange and dress you facility to enhance the visual appeal. Next, one of our expert photographers will be dispatched to your healthcare facility to take the photographs needed to for your 360-degree online virtual tour. These photographs will be forwarded to our graphic design team. They will assemble the photographs into a fully interactive panoramic view for your facility’s virtual tour.

The Extra Mile

During the production process, we will add extra features such as music and voiceovers to enhance the experience for your prospective clients. We will show you progress and seek feedback from you along the way to make sure we’re on the right track in meeting your needs. We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service. We encourage you to take a look at our portfolio to see examples of some of our clients healthcare facilities in the form of a Virtual Healthcare Tour.

For More Information About Our Virtual Tours

Is your marketing plan feeling like it’s in the dark ages? Do you need a boost to help your facility stand out from the crowd? For more information on the many benefits of virtual tours for healthcare, call Virtual Healthcare Tours at 877-317-6527, or send us a message via We’re your very best resource for virtual tours within the healthcare industry.