Why VirtualTech Design?

As time is moving forward, the world is taking a shift from the physical world to the virtual world. Everything is being managed by technology. Most of our problems is being solved just by sitting at home.

Today we are talking about a company that is helping medical facilities in communicating with those who need their care. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities can provide potential patients with an immersive, interactive experience into their facilities from the comfort of their own homes. A company that is known as a leading creator of virtual tours.

VirtualTech Design is a company that offers “Virtual tours for healthcare centers and facilities”. They are specialized in creating healthcare center virtual tours, such as nursing home and assisted living virtual tours, as well as hospital virtual tours.

Day by day, people are becoming more concerned about their and their family members health. Especially after Covid-19 which has harmed the whole world very badly.

We have reached a stage where people have started looking for the best healthcare facilities that will take care of them in their senior years.

With the help of virtual tours, you allow people to take a look at your healthcare facilities and senior living communities. This helps you in attracting families attention and giving them a tour of healthcare centers and facilities just by sitting at the home.

VirtualTech Design helps you in setting up top-notch virtual tours that help you in growing sales and helping people. For the last 13 plus years, they have been creating virtual tours of healthcare facilities. In these many years, they have received appreciation and love from healthcare centers that have integrated their virtual tours.

They help hospitals design and implement virtual tours of their facilities that can be viewed online prior to in-person visits. Going to the hospital for treatment can be a scary and overwhelming experience. By providing individuals with an opportunity to take a 360 tours of a medical facility before ever stepping foot in it, reduces all-around stress and gives patients a more clear idea of what they can expect.

What people are saying about VirtualTech Design,

Working with Anthony and Virtualtech Design was an exceptional experience! Anthony and his team are so quick to assist you with making your videos and pictures exactly the way you want in order to showcase your business! Excellent quality, value and always professional! They respond promptly to all requests! I will be using Virtualtech Design again in the future and will refer others to them too! — Shannon Vialpando

“Anthony and the team at VirtualTECH have been amazing to work with. They have superior customer service, responsiveness, and technology. They are adding tremendous value to our bottom line.” — A.A., Corporate Director of Clinical Admissions

“The tour is magnificent, and I was extremely grateful for the opportunity to get all those stills. You really are artists when it comes to virtual tours. I will always wholeheartedly recommend you and your company! “ — L.J., Animal Hospital

Every patient, resident and their families wants to explore facilities of the treatment center prior to the treatment, which gives them more confidence in selecting what will be the best fit for them. And, VirtualTech Design offers a solution that can help.


Virtual Tour 360-degree panoramic view

Explore their portfolio to see how they have helped healthcare facilities reach and attract new patients and residents. They have helped over 300 plus medical facilities all over the country.

If you have any questions, please reach out to them, they will quickly get in touch with you.


Phone: 888-868-7780

Email Address: info@virtualtechdesign.com


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