Virtualize The World. That’s my goal. But what does it mean? It means that every medical center, college, retail store, hotel, resort – any place where people go, should have a virtual tour.

Why? For accessibility, for instance. For people that cannot get to these places – allow for them to visit virtually. Secondly, so people all over the world can visit remotely. Looking for a retirement community across the country? Want to visit a museum in another continent? Virtual tours allow you to do that.

What does this NOT mean? I don’t want to discourage on-site visits for those who can be there. Nothing will replace engaging all 5 senses, and I love to travel. But virtual tours allow you to travel even further and they allow those who can’t travel to do so.

So let’s Virtualize The World Together by adding your business to the growing list who have virtual tours and allowing people to visit from their own homes and phones.

Virtualize The World