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Dental Office Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours of Dental Offices. Includes a Free Photoshoot.

Going to the dentist can be a scary thing to do. You can help by adding a virtual tour of your office to your website. Allowing someone to tour your exam room and lobby, for instance, can alleviate some anxiety prior to the visit.

There are almost 200,000 dental offices in the USA. How do people choose what dentist to visit? Perhaps word of mouth is the biggest factor. People want to get treatment from a dentist that they trust. Referrals from friends and family engender a sense of trust. But people continue to move to different areas and thus need to look for new dentists. How do they do so?

Maybe they look through their insurer’s website? Perhaps its a shiny mailer that greets them in their mailbox when they arrive at their new home. No matter how they come to learn of a dentist, though, they are patients are likely to visit the website of a dental practice. Dentists themselves these days have exceptional websites with many features and they encourage the public to visit their websites. They may have spent many thousands of dollars on their websites to showcase their practice or office in the best light possible.

Dental office virtual tours are now becoming a vital feature of dentist websites. They allow people to “tour” the office from their computers and, increasingly likely, their cell phones. Virtualtech Design creates the most engaging and professional virtual tours of dental practices. They can feature things such as hotspots, embedded videos and voiceovers.  

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