Virtual Tour of Assisted Living Rehab Gym by Virtualtech Design

What Is A Virtual Tour?

Virtual tours are strategic marketing tools that help medical facilities better communicate with those who need their care. Hospitals, dentist offices, and other healthcare facilities can provide potential patients with an immersive, interactive experience into their facilities from the comfort of their own home.

These sort of interactive displays are perfect for capturing the attention of users interested in visualizing your facilities, and seeing firsthand what quality of medical care they can expect. You get to highlight all your best features, while patients won’t feel apprehensive or nervous about starting medical care at an unfamiliar center.

How Do They Work?

professional virtual tour is extremely easy to operate and manage. You’ll be given a completely 360 degree, panoramic walkthrough of your waiting rooms, recovery rooms, patient rooms, medical equipment, and anything else you deem important. Using the mouse, users can simply click anywhere in the tour, and drag their cursor around to see all angles of an area. Interactive “hotspots” give users the opportunity to learn even more about a specific piece of equipment or certain areas of your facility.

Our photographers will visit your facility, snap images and take footage of all the places you want to include in your tour. We send that to our graphic designers to be compiled into an immersive, interactive panoramic experience using our 360 virtual tour software. The process won’t disrupt your business operations, and thanks to our unique approach, we can produce your video content in 10% of the typical timeframe.

Fully Customizable Interactive Virtual Tours

Our virtual tours are 100% customizable to fit all your specific needs. Healthcare facilities are not created equally, so we provide a full list of customizable options to better cater your tour for your specific patients. You’ll be able to choose the background music, add voice-over narration, translate it into bilingual versions, and request photo touch-ups.

Contact our team today, set up a consultation with us and we’ll provide you with a quote for any custom virtual tours you require. We don’t just make virtual tour videos, we create a captivating experience.

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